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speleo Poussilieres28Few know it, but the basement of Haut Languedoc hosts many caves and cavities.
Carved into old limestone over 500 million years, they are both by originality, by the exceptional concentration of speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites and other eccentric that can even be colored.), Among the most beautiful in the world .
Cave Courniou and draperies that of Lauzinas classified for fifteen years and its fossilized clay mushroom cave asparagus and white and blue aragonite, the Cave of the Artenac with its prehistoric fossils , or the Sistine Chapel and Macoumé, fully covered cavity aragonite dazzling white, illustrate these geological wonders ...
Over thousands of years, they have served as homes for the first men (cave Camprafaud) burial, hiding (guerrillas ...) or have been exploited for guano, a natural fertilizer (Julio cave). They are also home to a fragile cave fauna and often unloved: bats.
Over the past 20 years, nearly 100 km of tunnels that were discovered by spéléoclubs in western Herault.
You can also discover the Cebenna Centre Olargues during a slide show in 3D
for the more adventurous and those who want to initiate and organize an exit directly contact our professional partners caving.


Diaporama - Crédits photos : Jacky Fauré, spéléoclub