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The medieval village of Olargues

affiche medieval 2015The medieval village of Olargues, classified among the most beautiful villages of France most beautiful villages in France, annually organizes the MEDIEVAL FEAST Olargues in its medieval streets ...
It highlights its history and heritage of the 3rd weekend of September, during the European Heritage Days.
Come esbaudir to the sound of minstrels and fun thanks to the various medieval animations.
Market open Castrum Tower, many activities, parade through the old streets in medieval dress, tavern in the old ...
The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions is also open to the public during these days.

Program 2015 Olargues medieval festival and Heritage Days:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

14h - 18h Visit to the Forge

14h 19h Demonstration and realization of a collective sculpture to forge with the Friends of taillanderie Galibert
15h-18h: Opening of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions (free participation)

16h: Guided tour of the St Lawrence church
19h: Big Picnic villagers Map Verdier (meals from the bag)

21h Theatre with CIE UTOPIA

Theatrical torchlight stroll through the village and up the tower of the Castrum, with the company's Oak Ardent.

Sunday, September 20, 2015
9h-18h: MEDIEVAL FOIRAIL in the alleys of the town. (Rue Neuve and Place de Rue)

9h-12h: Following the completion of the sculpture with blacksmiths and installation in the afternoon Map Verdier
TAVERN in the courtyard of the stairs of the Commanderie
Raffle: Basket With earning (offered by the exhibitors on holiday)
Paint Expo Steps Commanderie..Parcours with ponies and small horses horsehair Gold and Jaur map Pourtal

10-12h / 15-18h: MUSEUM Opening of Popular Arts and Traditions - Steps Commandery

10-12h: open Forge
Painting demonstration with old, oil & Tempora with Els Knockaert, Rue du Balad Free
Food & Refreshments on site (Pig on a spit), or in restaurants in the village. Map Verdier

ENTERTAINMENT MEDIEVAL with the company Ardent Oak: Demonstrations and teaching of civil and military life in the Middle Ages, skits, wanderings, calligraphy, clairvoyance, presentation of HASP weapons, wooden games (space viscounts) Medieval music with the cast Turbamusica.
HIGHLIGHTS The medieval animations:

11:30 ET 16:30, costume parade through the streets.
17h, catapult sweets ...

18h: CONCERT extraordinary at the Eglise Saint Laurent (free participation) Organ & Trumpet

Shops are open.

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