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(34460 Hérault)


Altitude : 89m / Superficie : 4 000 ha / 576 hab.

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Roquebrun, or the “Nice of the Hérault”, as it is called here.


Difficult to say whether is its micro-climate or history that makes the village Roquebrun so unique.


The land is rich in schist. This mineral has two virtues: it holds water and stores heat to return it slowly. In fact, local winemakers admit that, here, the grapes ripen at night.

The exceptional climate allows Mediterranean gardens to grow. Orange, lemon and other citrus trees provide beautiful fruit in the heart of winter, while mimosas lighten the landscape in February. Check out the collection of mimosas at the Mediterranean Garden in Roquebrun (at the foot of the tower).



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Along these streets, the old village is a must. Entangled houses reveal their secrets meter by meter. Sometimes, between two buildings, the landscape unfolds (go near the church of St. Andrew where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama) and you can admire the vineyards, the Orb river and the bridge which has spanned it since 1870. The legend says that the workers danced four days and four nights after completing the building.


A festive tradition continues; the Roquebrun inhabitants gather twenty times a year, for entertainment and festivals, especially for mimosa festival (2nd Sunday in February) and local wines festivals (AOC Saint Chinian Roquebrun).


It should not come as a surprise that men were attracted to the area for thousands years.

Troglodytes shepherds, Roman soldiers, Carolingian kings, Cathars, they all tasted the same sunshine.

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To Discover :


Picturesque village.
Carolingian Watchtower  in the heart of Mediterranean garden.
Roquebrun mills.
Parish Church dated 1156.
Mediterranean gardens of Roquebrun.
Chapel in the hamlet of St Pontian Ceps
View point from the Vernède pass (on the road to Cessenon-sur-Orb)
Heritage route Roquebrun


Guided tours in July and August, on Monday at 6:00 pm. Departure from the tourist office


Discover the village of Roquebrun at your own pace following the visioguide. Easy to use (the english audio commentary and video are automatically released at the approach of a point of interest), the visioguide was made with passion by local personalities. Stories, pictures... you discover places as if you lived there !

Rental at the tourism office Roquebrun

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Hiking in Roquebrun Hérault Department:

From Ceps to Vieussan « L’ayrolle » : hiking card available at the tourist office (1€)­­

Hiking Roquebrun Escagnès, La Mausse (berlou)
Escagnès, Pic de Naudech, ­Ceps, Le Pin

Find accomodation for your holiday in Roquebrun (Herault, South of France) : holiday rental, cottages, bed and breakfast, camping Roquebrun and nearby, Hotel , accomodation for groups in and Campotel

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Tourism Office Caroux in Haut Languedoc

Roquebrun (34460) Avenue des Orangers - +33 (0)4 67 23 02 21

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